Trash in The Sky: West St. Paul Minnesota

by editor on June 24, 2011

The story of a neighborhood blighted by an 80 foot digital billboard and the outrage of average Americans fighting corporate interests and governmental hand washing. Neighbors coming together to become “Blightfighters.”

We are a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to educating the public about the need to reduce the blight associated with billboards. The ease with which billboards can appear, and the specious methods that billboard companies use to make sure that they aren’t removed, has encouraged the growth of more and more intrusive outdoor advertising (off-premise) structures. Billboards have become ever larger and more invasive with extensions and brighter lights in more prominent locations. There is now an increased urgency with the proliferation of digital billboards; brightly lit jumbotrons creating huge profits for billboard companies at the expense of our landscape. Several recent studies note significant highway safety issues related to the brightness and rapid image change of these Digbos, which distract motorists and can cause accidents. We invite you to join our cause and help us protect our scenic resources from further degradation.

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